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Moving to a new city? Step by Step activities once you land to destination city

By : Bhavna | Posted on : July 20, 2016

I have covered few initial steps in my previous blog and this blog is giving more details   We flew and reached Noida one day before my husband was planning to join his new company so we can travel across and understand the area. We went to all shortlisted schools and planned the visit to.... Read more

Move to your New House – Key Activities to be done

By : Bhavna | Posted on : July 7, 2016

Get it Cleaned: Your new house may be really dirty from being empty for so long or by the previous tenant.Even if it's not, it's always a good idea to get your new house cleaned. This way, you will be able to move into a spic and span house. Check Drainage: Make sure water is coming in all the .... Read more

Moving to new city? Complete step by step activities. Step 1 of 4: Initial Plan for our move

By : admin | Posted on : June 21, 2016

Long back when I first moved out to start my career, I moved with just 1 briefcase & 2 bags to start my career. When we got married I had 4-5 suitcases and subsequent moves got multiplied with time and start using complete truck load of house stuff for my move. This blog will provide detailed ste.... Read more

Moving Checklists

By : admin | Posted on : April 26, 2016

Q. What is a moving checklist? A. Moving checklists help us to plan our move to avoid any last minute hassles. Q. When should we start following the checklist? A. It depends on the size of your move. However, it is always better to start planning early. We recommend as early as 8 weeks. Please r.... Read more

Moving with children

By : admin | Posted on : April 26, 2016

Moving is a hectic process that makes us stressed and in tension. However, we often forget about our child for whom moving is a tough time too. They have to leave their school, friends and neighborhood, all of what they have a very close touch with. Therefore, we should learn how to take care of our.... Read more



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