What to consider when you move to new location?

There are a lot of work once you decide to move to a new location. Initial planning should cover the complete duration you will take to settle down to a new location and estimated cost of your overall move. Key activities when you start the move plan

  1. Move Checklist: Create step by step activites for your move with timelines so you dont miss any activities /work.
  2. Create your move inventory: Create your household inventory upfront so you are clear what you will carry with you and rest you can sale or dispose off to reduce the cost of move.
  3. Estimate Move Cost Calculator: Your move cost include multiple cost items including multiple travels to new location, Movers & packers cost, short term stay, broker fees etc.
  4. Estimate Packers and Movers cost: provide average cost of move, through early estimates.

List of activities to be considered for the move

# Activities
1 Finalize the Decision to move to new city due to Transfer / New Job or opportunity to start new business
2 Planning once finalize the decision
3 Packers & Movers
4 Key Service Providers e.g. Apartment ,  Location identification, house hold services
5 Rental / Buy apartment
6 Schools

We at www.chalmove.com have done the research and provide details to enable any person who is moving to a new location.




Dhirubhai Ambani International School Bandra-Kurla Complex, Bandra (East) Mumbai

The Cathedral and John Connon School, 6, Purshottamdas Thakurdas Marg Mumbai

Smt Sulochanadevi Singhania School , JK Gram, Thane (West) Mumbai

Jamna Bai Narsee School, Narsee Monjee Bhavan, JVPD scheme, Vile Parle Mumbai

 Bombay Scottish School, Veer Savarkar Marg, Mahim,  Mumbai

J B Petit High School, 5, Maharshi Dadhichi Marg, Fort  Mumbai

R.N. Podar School, Santacruz (West), Mumbai

St. Mary’s School Mazgoan

Don Bosco High School Mumbai

Billabong High International School, Santacruz


These are top ten schools in Mumbai according to our research. If you are looking for school in particular area/city, we will do all research and select best school for your kids.

*This list is not in rank-wise, but is a random list of the best schools in Noida.*




  1. Ryan International School, Sector-39, Noida – CBSE
  2. Apeejay School , Sector- 16 A, Noida – CBSE
  3. Delhi Public School, Sector – 30 Noida – CBSE
  4. Amity International School, Sector-44, Noida -CBSE
  5. Pathways Noida Sector -100 Noida -IB
  6. Lotus Valley International, Noida, , Sector 126, Express highway- CBSE
  7. Somerville School, Sector- 22, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Noida – CBSE
  8. Father Agnel School, Sector- 62, Noida -CBSE
  9. Vishwa Bharati Public School, Arun Vihar, Noida – CBSESS
  10. Bal Bharti School,Sector – 21, Noida – CBSE


These are top ten schools in Noida according to our research. If you are looking for school in particular area/city, we will do all research and select best school for your kids.

*This list is not in rank-wise, but is a random list of the best schools in Noida.*





Q1. What is the easiest way to move house?

Ans. Moving requires a lot of planning and thinking and definately is not an easy task!

Undoubtedly, you need some professional help.

ChalMove is the best online option that you have. We do everything from:

  1. Move Cost Estimator
  2. Relocation budgeting
  3. Moving Checklists
  4. Furniture Inventory- Make your own personalized inventory
  5. View our blogs for some info and tips
  6. Connect with the best movers and packers of your city
  7. Allow you to ask questions and answer others

Q2. Do I need to buy any insurance (example: travel) when moving to India from US?

Ans. We strongly recommend if you move along with your luggage and have halts in your travel journey.

In case anything goes wrong, your insurance will be there to save you. It is alwaysadvisable to get insurance, especially for travel, because travel is random. There is always a chance that something could go wrong.

Moving to new city? Complete step by step activities. Step 1 of 4: Initial Plan for our move

Long back when I first moved out to start my career, I moved with just 1 briefcase & 2 bags to start my career. When we got married I had 4-5 suitcases and subsequent moves got multiplied with time and start using complete truck load of house stuff for my move.
This blog will provide detailed steps to be taken for our recent move from Hyderabad to Noida (Delhi NCR). We have already built the details while we moved back from USA to India around 3 years ago.
Once my husband received the new job offer and we decided to move out and did our research with all pros and cons, he gave his resignation and based on discussion with company he got the confirmed release date. After that he informed his new organization with confirmed joining date and started our move plan which was around 10 weeks from there.
Initially we had following key move activities
– Decide the best schools nearby to my husband’s office so we can look for residential areas nearby.
– We have shortlisted 5-6 schools to reach out for the admission
– Based on kids school session we decided that he will join the currently organization around February and family will visit to finalize the school they will join after completing the current school session until March end. So to achieve this we have
o Initial stay for a week for whole family
o Once we finalize the school, we will look for the residential area
– To achieve above point, we short listed 5-6 schools and based on our understanding we prioritize the schools.
We have done all these through hours of internet research, calling schools, brokers and few friends & relatives we have in Noida & NCR.
Apart from that we started creating our checklist for following categories
– Decision for existing house as we have to give on rent or sell: We decided to give on rent as its time consuming and as it was not giving good return for sell
– Contact Packers & Movers to get the initial cost for move: We searched on internet and found a lot of portals but most of them are doing white leveling so we reached out to top 2-3 packers and movers, they gave their quote which we used for our planning.
– Budgeting for our move which include our initial trip, short term stay, school fees & others (This was based on our past experience and to our surprise we didn’t find anything on internet, which gave the idea to start www.chalmove.com)
– Decision on company leased car to take with us or sell: we first decided to sell and we started very late so decided to take with us. Due to wrong Leasing Company we lost the opportunity to sell and have to carry with us. We will cover it in a separate blog as the leasing company didn’t gave the paper even after released from the company.
– We finalized the list of items we will carry with us and sell off some of the stuff so we will have only required items with us.
– Created a checklist to capture all required activities and it is available in www.chalmove.com as create checklist & reminder tool.
– Booked hotel for short term stay and flight booking as family is planning to come back in one week and my husband will join the organization and start the work.
I will cover following steps in my next blogs
Step 2 : We reached Noida and our School and House search
Step 3: Relocated to new location (Noida) & Settling down
Step 4: Settled in new location (Noida)

Happy to get your feedback and suggest you to visit www.chalmove.com during your move.

Moving with children

Moving is a hectic process that makes us stressed and in tension. However, we often forget about our child for whom moving is a tough time too. They have to leave their school, friends and neighborhood, all of what they have a very close touch with. Therefore, we should learn how to take care of our children while moving. Here are a few tips that will help you do so:
• Tell them why: Tell your children why you are moving and the reason for it. Understanding the reason for the move will make them more open to the idea.
• Highlight the positive features: Focus on the positive features of your destination city and tell these to your children.
• Before the move: Keep sufficient snacks for your kids for the trip. Carry juices so they stay hydrated. Ensure they sleep well before the moving day. Don’t forget to carry a medical kit in case of any injuries.
• ‘We move as a family’: Make sure your children understand this motto that when we move, we move as a family. Often, younger children are scared that they might be left behind or something important like their pets might be left behind. Ensure them that this is not the case.
• Let them enjoy: Let your kids enjoy the last few days with their friends and encourage them to do so. Let them make some sweet memories of their old home so that they can cherish these memories later . You can even organise a farewell party for their friends.
• Keep them away while loading: While loading your things onto the moving truck, keep them away so that they do not get harmed.
By following these tips you can ensure a safe and happy move with your children.