What to consider when you move to new location?

By : admin | Posted on : September 27, 2016

There are a lot of work once you decide to move to a new location. Initial planning should cover the complete duration you will take to settle down to a new location and estimated cost of your overall move. Key activities when you start the move plan

  1. Move Checklist: Create step by step activites for your move with timelines so you dont miss any activities /work.
  2. Create your move inventory: Create your household inventory upfront so you are clear what you will carry with you and rest you can sale or dispose off to reduce the cost of move.
  3. Estimate Move Cost Calculator: Your move cost include multiple cost items including multiple travels to new location, Movers & packers cost, short term stay, broker fees etc.
  4. Estimate Packers and Movers cost: provide average cost of move, through early estimates.

List of activities to be considered for the move

# Activities
1 Finalize the Decision to move to new city due to Transfer / New Job or opportunity to start new business
2 Planning once finalize the decision
3 Packers & Movers
4 Key Service Providers e.g. Apartment ,  Location identification, house hold services
5 Rental / Buy apartment
6 Schools

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