Key activities when you plan to move or relocate to new city

By : Bhavna | Posted on : July 26, 2016 has tried to cover all activities which anyone who is planning to move or relocate to a new city due to their work, career or family need.

All the activities and tools are included in chalmove and to simplify their navigation we have used below user story:

  • User will search for relocation, move in India and will get the chalmove portal in search result, listing in social and ads
  • User come to Chalmove Home page which clearly shows the messaging that the website provides step by step guidance and support for relocation to new city and share the experience of others.
  • Chalmove Home Page  has the option to select the city of relocation and based on selection, City move related information to be displayed
  • Chalmove webite provides  checklist & reminder, build move inventory, move cost, step by step guide to relocate and complete all the transition smoothly. User can enter their move date and site will provide weekly checklist and option to track in the website
  • User can build their complete plan for move and manage process by frequent visits, reminder through email for timely activities
  • View key details about new location including workplace, residential areas, schools, malls etc. Share their experience, raise the questions and discuss with logged in users
  • Site provides city level information as standard information and discussions specific to that city

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