Moving to a new city? Step by Step activities once you land to destination city

By : Bhavna | Posted on : July 20, 2016

I have covered few initial steps in my previous blog and this blog is giving more details


We flew and reached Noida one day before my husband was planning to join his new company so we can travel across and understand the area. We went to all shortlisted schools and planned the visit to first 2 on next day morning as we have already taken the appointment. We went to both the schools and as per school rule both the schools had entrance exam. My kids were confident so we first started with school 1 and based on their results they got the confirmation still we went to other school to look and get the kids feedback. They were happy with the first school so we started the admission process and paid the fees so we were ready for the school on day 2. Once we finalized we started looking for the good residential complex as we had some time but were not able to finalize so we left it on my husband and came back to Hyderabad.

My husband searched in multiple areas near school and finalized one of the residential complex which was recently got ready to occupy. He looked on multiple houses and finalized one of the apartment. He continued to be in Hotel for 2 weeks and decided to buy some basic furniture and move to apartment so he can have simple food and breathing space.

During this period we also had following activities for our move

  • Finalize the exact date of move based on school session and inform the packers & movers
  • Rent out the apartment, we gave the advertisement in our apartment complex and got the tenant who was ready to move 1 week after our move
  • As Car Leasing company delayed the documentation so we have to move the car to Noida and started NOC process through agent, which got completed just 2-3 days before our move. I will write a separate blog on Transfer of car and Lease break.
  • Sell off all the items not required, arrange all required items, separate out all valuables which we have to carry with us.
  • Inform all key people about the move, person who can support during the move

Change of address: it’s one of tedious process, very confusing and very irritating considering being within India we have to proof our own identity. Now a day everyone asks for one of four key documents (Passport, Voter id Card, Aadhaar or any government issued address). As immediately after the move it’s not possible to get any of these so you have to do the Jugaad to get this done J. Some of the points are opening new accounts through your organization.

Next blog I will cover the details on our Car Movement and challenges to be consider when you relocate with your own vehicle.

By this point I hope you have seen which is built on our own experience of move and




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