Move to your New House – Key Activities to be done

By : Bhavna | Posted on : July 7, 2016
  • Get it Cleaned: Your new house may be really dirty from being empty for so long or by the previous tenant.Even if it’s not, it’s always a good idea to get your new house cleaned. This way, you will be able to move into a spic and span house.
  • Check Drainage: Make sure water is coming in all the sinks and toilets. Also make sure the water is not getting blocked anywhere. If there is any water problem, call a plumber immediately and get the problem fixed.
  • Get Gas Connection: Ensure your house has a gas connection, otherwise, you may find yourself in deep trouble. If by any chance, your gas connection will be delayed, get an induction.
  • Get All Pest Controls Sprayed: It is awful when your house has all those creepy insects. To ensure that you live stress-free without any tension about which insect you’ll have to encounter next, move you call a pest-control agency and get your house sprayed.
  • Check All Wire Connections: Check that all lights and other electrical are working. Ensure that all plugs are in working condition.
  • Get the Settings for the A/C Done: If you have A/C(s), get copper wiring done for them in all the rooms you are planning to install them.
  • Get a Cable Connection: Make sure there are cable connections for your T.Vs in the rooms you want your T.Vs to be in.
  • Call a Carpenter: Call a carpenter and get all doors, cabinets, etc polished. Get mosquito nets installed in case there are many mosquitoes where you live. If your T.V is a wall mount, get that installed as well. If there are any shelves or anything to be mounted, make the carpenter mount them too.
  • Change your Address: Get your address changed on all official things. If your children will be attending the same school, inform the school about your address change. Inform all banks that you have an account in, post offices, etc. It would be a good idea to tell your friends too.
  • Decide the Layout of your House: Visit your house once before moving into it. Decide on a rough layout of your house – where you’ll place the furniture, how you’ll decorate the house, and the overall planning of the house.
  • Make Sure There is a Connection for Washing Machine and Water Filter: Ensure that there is a connection for your washing machine and  Water Filter. If there isn’t get one soon. If for any reason a connection for your water filter is not available, make an arrangement for drinking water.
  • Make Sure There is Maximum Security in your House: Security is a vital factor these days and cannot be compromised on. Make sure that your house has proper doors with locks and that you have at least a few neighbors. There is not much security in places where there are not many people. If you live in a society or community, ensure that there are security guards employed, and that too good ones. has built easy to configure checklist and reminder which covers all the activities to be done from the time you decide to make a move and get settled at new location.


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