Moving with children

By : admin | Posted on : April 26, 2016

Moving is a hectic process that makes us stressed and in tension. However, we often forget about our child for whom moving is a tough time too. They have to leave their school, friends and neighborhood, all of what they have a very close touch with. Therefore, we should learn how to take care of our children while moving. Here are a few tips that will help you do so:
• Tell them why: Tell your children why you are moving and the reason for it. Understanding the reason for the move will make them more open to the idea.
• Highlight the positive features: Focus on the positive features of your destination city and tell these to your children.
• Before the move: Keep sufficient snacks for your kids for the trip. Carry juices so they stay hydrated. Ensure they sleep well before the moving day. Don’t forget to carry a medical kit in case of any injuries.
• ‘We move as a family’: Make sure your children understand this motto that when we move, we move as a family. Often, younger children are scared that they might be left behind or something important like their pets might be left behind. Ensure them that this is not the case.
• Let them enjoy: Let your kids enjoy the last few days with their friends and encourage them to do so. Let them make some sweet memories of their old home so that they can cherish these memories later . You can even organise a farewell party for their friends.
• Keep them away while loading: While loading your things onto the moving truck, keep them away so that they do not get harmed.
By following these tips you can ensure a safe and happy move with your children.


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  1. This is really helpful and we feel children settling in new location is fast but need their parents help to mix with new people and make the friends.

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